Commander Blood

Commander Blood

Commander Blood is a science fiction adventure game that was developed by Cryo Interactive, a French company that also created Captain Blood (released in 1988). Designed to run on DOS, Commander Blood was released in 1994. Big Bug Bang, the sequel to Commander Blood, was released in 1996, but is only available in French.

Relation to Captain Blood

Commander Blood is an unclear sequel to Captain Blood for several reasons, all of which are reasons for complaint for fans of the first game. The gameplay and overall scenario between games is vastly different. Commander Blood maintains species with the same names as those encountered in its predecessor, however the appearances of races such as the Migrax and the Izwals have changed radically. The equipment of the player character remains the same, such as the ORXX, the Cryobox (formerly known as the Fridgitorium) and the Ark, with additions such as HONK. Bob Morlock seems to be a completely different character in his own; in Captain Blood, Bob was the main character, an 80's game designer who was sucked into his game. No mention of this part of Bob's past was made in Commander Blood.


Bob Morlock, a biomechanical mastermind, is the founder of a massive company called Kanary. Thanks to scientific advances, Morlock is the oldest being in existence. Knowing his time in this universe is nearing an end, he would like to see the Big Bang and the beginning of the universe. Kanary's Clone Consortium branch builds Commander Blood in order to help Morlock achieve his goal. Commander Blood is placed on a high-tech ship, the Ark, and aided by Honk, Blood’s onboard computer personality; the ORXX, Blood’s biomechanical 'clone'; Olga, Blood’s onboard translator; a radio, television set; and other technology.


Communication with the game’s characters is carried on clicking on a series of words that serve as topics. Captain Blood utilized UPCOM (icon-based communication system), while Commander Blood makes use of a multiple-choice conversation system, in which players click through word-choices in order to learn more information. Players traverse both time and space as they enter black holes in the search for the Big Bang.


The game focuses on Commander Blood’s interactions with the denizens of the worlds players travel to in search for the Big Bang. Thus, the game makes use of complex FMV sequences that depict orbiting planetary systems, expressive characters, and an onboard television with different channels to watch. The animations of the non-CGI characters were created by rotoscoping live action puppeteering.


The game makes use of original scores by the French composer Stephane Picq, and the various planetary inhabitants each make distinctive sounds during the game.

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