Coming Home (Mobile Suit Gundam)

Coming Home (Mobile Suit Gundam)

Coming Home is the thirteenth episode of Mobile Suit Gundam.

Plot summary

White Base has landed, and everyone is relaxing on the beach except Amuro who left in the Core Fighter to visit his mother. He goes into his house to find drunk Federation soldiers partying there. They claim that the house was abandoned, and it seems that no one besides them is there. Amuro thinks back to when he left with his father, but is brought back to reality by one of the drunk soldiers.

He runs out and comes along a Federation soldier stealing an apple from a woman's cart. He tries to stop them, but they wind up beating him up. The woman recognizes Amuro, and gets the soldiers to stop. She tells him how the soldiers left behind were cut off from the main force, and that his mother is working at a refugee camp.

Two Lugguns fly over White Base, and Ryu goes out to take them out in the Core Fighter, destroying one. In his Core Fighter, Amuro lands near the camp, and is met by three men who warn him to hide the fighter before the Zeon find him. As they talk, Amuro's mother, Kamaria Ray comes out of the crowd and the two embrace. They speak in one of the buildings, but a boy runs in, telling them that two Zeon soldiers are approaching. Kamaria hides Amuro under the blankets.

Ryu hits the remaining Luggun, but it gets away, and Ryu's fighter is too damaged to chase. Bright decides to page Amuro. Back at the camp, the soldiers try to get information about the fighter they heard landed nearby. They finally give up, and are ready to leave, when they hear the beeping from White Base paging Amuro. They rip Kamaria away, wanting to see him, when Amuro fires his gun from under the covers, hitting on in the stomach. The other runs away at the sight of Amuro's pistol. He fires after him, but the soldier escapes.

Kamaria takes Amuro out, and says that he's grown so wild, and she doesn't even know him. He shouts angrily at her, believing she doesn't love him, and breaks away. Kamaria says he wasn't raised to be such a violent boy. As he runs off to get the Core Fighter, she shouts that she's ashamed to call him her son.

Amuro takes off and spots the Luggun, chasing after it. It crashes just short of the base, and Amuro flies into a spray of AA fire. Kai flies towards Amuro in a Gunperry, and Amuro executes a mid-air conversion, docking Core Fighter into Gundam without landing. He destroys the base, much to the dismay of Bright, who can't understand why he's wasting his efforts on a base of no strategic importance.

Afterwards, Bright tells Kamaria how important Amuro is to them, and how wonderful a boy he is. They leave, and, as White Base flies off, Kamaria cries over Amuro, and what he's become.

Important Events:

  • Characters Introduced: Kamaria Ray
  • First mid-air conversion.


  • MAHQ episode site

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