Comics International

Comics International

Comics International is a monthly news and reviews magazine about comic books which was published by Quality Communications from 1990 to 2006, before being taken over by the newly-incorporated Cosmic Publications Ltd.

About the magazine

Described in Time Out as the NME of comics, Comics International provides up to date news and reviews of comics from around the world. There is a particular focus upon British comics, and British comic creators, with the magazine also featuring details of British retail shops and conventions, or events related to comics.

Originally printed in black and white on newsprint, the magazine now features full colour glossy covers, as well as colour pages internally.

The magazine includes up to date reviews, as well as having a lively letters page. There is also a question and answers section for readers questions to be answered by comics experts. The magazine was published and edited by Quality Communications owner Dez Skinn from the first up to the two-hundredth issue, in which his Sez Dez column appeared in each issue. With the publication of issue #201, the magazine's ex-news editor and freelance comics writer Mike Conroy became the editor. Since this editorial takeover occurred, the magazine's frequency has become increasingly sporadic, casting doubt on its long-term future under its current ownership.

Regular features

In addition to Dez Skinn's own editorial column, the main features include

In addition there is a lengthy review section by a regular team of over 20 reviewers, listings of UK comics specialist stores, mail order companies and the following month's UK & US releases, plus three-panel gag strips by Mike Kazybrid (Comic Cuts) and John Freeman/Nick Miller (Outside the Frame), a festivals calendar and Frame to Frame by Mike Conroy on upcoming film adaptations of comic book material. Conroy also is in charge of the main news section of the magazine. By being comprehensive in content, it is carried by many leading UK reference libraries.


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