Comfort in Sound

Comfort in Sound

Comfort in Sound was the fourth album by the British Rock band Feeder. It was released on October 21, 2002 on The Echo Label, and was the first album to be released after Jon Lee's death.

The album received many high scoring reviews, and a year later helped them win "Best British Band" at the Kerrang! awards.

To date the album has sold 500,000 in the UK and 600,000 worldwide. The album went Platinum in the UK eight months from its release date, and got to #6 in the charts. The album was re-issued a week after the "Find The Colour" single with a bonus DVD of the albums videos and various live footage including the "Just a Day" video.


The album was given a low-key promotional build up due to the death of their late drummer Jon Lee. Before the albums release the band played a small number of festivals at Reading/Leeds, and Gig on the Green, the Reading and Leeds shows, seen one of the most talked-about events from that year's festival, in which the tent was overcrowded beyond its allowed capacity, and seen many people having to watch outside as a result. Kerrang! magazine gave a rating of 5/5 (KKKKK), for the band's performance. Before these three were played, a warm-up show at the Portsmouth Wedgewood rooms, took place two days before Reading. All of the festival shows were played on the second stage, to maintain the low-key status of the shows and albums build-up. Before being invited to the Reading/Leeds festival, the bands original plan was to release the album and not play any shows during the year, with the airplay of the albums first single "Come Back Around", to promote the album on pre-release. The single got its first airplay on BBC Radio 1's "The Evening Session" show, and was A-listed by the station. The song was originally recorded as an instrumental demo in 2001, with the lyrics shortly written afterwards. After the death of Jon Lee, Grant Nicholas re-wrote the lyrics to relate to their friend and colleagues death, when the final version was recorded with Mark Richardson on drums. A completely instrumental version of the album was issued to TV & Radio media.


While being well received by critics, it also had a similar response commercially. The album charted at #66 in the 2003 end of year charts, and also peaked at #6 on the weekly listing spending 36 weeks on the top 75. It also became the band's first platinum album the same week the band were due to make their main stage debut at Glastonbury, and also spawned a major radio and TV play hit in which "Just the Way I'm Feeling" gained over 15,000 UK radio plays. Their performance at the Glastonbury Festival was very well received by the press, and given coverage on BBC Three and BBC Radio 1 later in the year. Despite infamous negative comments from Lauren Laverne on BBC Three's late-night coverage regarding the band and age range of the bands fanbase (both views strongly disagreed on by the fans), many critics and attendees to the festival gave their show at the festival a positive response.

The bands reputation was highly risen, and turned them in to an act who were playlisted on the radio due to their public response, rather than the playlist departments of the respective stations opinions of the songs. This seen the 5th single, being the title track and only available to a limited quantity of 3,000 copies on the arena tour, (and a limited download) playlisted on Radio 1's B-list despite its non-commercial availability.

Touring was also a peak for the band, in which they played a UK sell-out 21 date tour in March-April 2003 in front of 60,000 people, which also aided the albums platinum sales success. The success of the tour followed by their main stage debut at Glastonbury (they were third on the final day's bill), influenced them to play an arena tour at the end of the year. Although the tour was not a sell-out, they sold all 8,000 tickets for the Bournemouth International Centre gig, sold a wide majority of the tickets for the Birmingham National Indoor Arena gig and got mostly positive reviews by the music press for the shows that were covered.


  • #37 in Q Magazine's 2002 albums list.
  • #27 in Planet Sound's 2002 albums list. (Listed as "Come Back Around").
  • #32 in Kerrang! magazines "Top 100 British Rock Albums of All Time" list.
  • Rock Sound- "Album of The Month".
  • Kerrang!- "Album of The Week".
  • Metal Hammer- "Album of The Month".
  • The Times- "Album of The Week".

Award Nomination

  • "Best Album" at the 2003 Q Magazine awards.

Track listing

British / Irish / American / Australian version

  1. "Just the Way I'm Feeling" – 4:22
  2. "Come Back Around" – 3:12
  3. "Helium" – 3:15
  4. "Child in You" – 3:27
  5. "Comfort in Sound" – 3:46
  6. "Forget About Tomorrow" – 3:51
  7. "Summers Gone" – 4:49
  8. "Godzilla" – 2:05
  9. "Quick Fade" – 4:24
  10. "Find the Colour" – 3:57
  11. "Love Pollution" – 4:13
  12. "Moonshine" – 6:49

Continental European version

  1. "Just the Way I'm Feeling"
  2. "Come Back Around"
  3. "Helium"
  4. "Child in You"
  5. "Comfort in Sound"
  6. "Forget About Tomorrow"
  7. "Summers Gone"
  8. "Godzilla"
  9. "Quick Fade"
  10. "Love Pollution"
  11. "Moonshine"

Japanese / Korean / Hong Kong version

  1. "Just the Way I'm Feeling"
  2. "Come Back Around"
  3. "Helium"
  4. "Child in You"
  5. "Comfort in Sound"
  6. "Forget About Tomorrow"
  7. "Summer's Gone"
  8. "Godzilla"
  9. "Quick Fade"
  10. "Find the Colour"
  11. "Love Pollution"
  12. "Moonshine"
  13. "Opaque"
  14. "Emily"

Original version

This was an original track listing for the album, songs with a * after them were dropped from the final track listing, and have never since been released but some might have been working titles for songs that did make the album.

  1. "All In All"*
  2. "Walk"*
  3. "Just the Way I'm Feeling"
  4. "Come Back Around"
  5. "Find the Colour"
  6. "Helium"
  7. "Child in You"
  8. "Ascend"*
  9. "Godzilla"
  10. "Before We Find Out"*
  11. "Crystal"*
  12. "Late"*
  13. "Forget About Tomorrow"

Chart performance

Chart (2005) Peak
UK album chart 6
Irish album chart 27
Japanese album chart 98

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Top 75 IRMA Irish album chart
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Top 100 Japanese Oricon Chart
Week 01


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