Coloris is a computer game that was originally released in 1990 for Commodore Amiga. It was later ported to Atari ST.

The game play is similar to Tetris and Columns. Like in Tetris, blocks fall from top of the screen to a well. The blocks consist of three squares of different colours. The blocks cannot be rotated, but the order of the colours can be switched. If three or more squares of same colour are adjacent, they disappear, blocks above them fall down, and may trigger a chain reaction.

The game bears so much resemblance to the more famous Columns game that the developers did not dare to sell the game outside of Finland out of fear of legal action. The game was originally published by Avesoft, a distributor of freeware and shareware disks. The game received some popularity in Finland, however, and the reviews were positive. Jukka Tapanimäki wrote a glowing review to the MikroBitti magazine.

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