Cololabis saira


Saira is a given name that means "traveller" in Arabic. It may refer to:

  • Saira Mohan (1978- ), a Canadian fashion model of Indian, French and Irish descent
  • Saira Shah (1964- ), an author, reporter and documentary filmmaker
  • Saira Khan (1971- ), the runner-up on the first series of The Apprentice in Great Britain
  • Saira Banu (1944- ), the daughter of a well-known actress, the granddaughter of the famous playback singer, and the wife of an actor
  • Saira Naqui (1974- ), the daughter of Masarat and Masuma Naqui. Born in NYC. Graduated Barnard College as a Political Economy major
  • Saira Khanna (1992- ), the daughter of a well-known doctor, famous for her love of SweeTarts

Saira may also refer to:


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