Colliers, Newfoundland and Labrador

Colliers is a town on the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. It is in Division No. 1 on Conception Bay.

According to the 2001 Statistics Canada Census:

  • Population: 729
  • % Change (1996-2001): -5.8
  • Dwellings: 374
  • Area (km².): 26.16
  • Density (persons per km².): 27.9

Colliers was considered by John Guy and his associates as a preferred place for the first settlement in North America. The area that became known as Cupers Cove (Cupids) was chosen to great tragedy. If Colliers had been chosen, this tragedy might not have occurred. Thus Colliers would have been the first permanent settlement in North America.

Colliers is led by Mayor Patrick Phillips and Deputy Mayor Martin Walsh. MHA Tom Hedderson represents the town in the Provincial House of Assembly, and is currently the Provincial Minister of Intergovernemental Affairs. Federal MP Fabian Manning sits as a back-bencher in the Federal Government as a member of the extreme right-wing Conservative party. Manning is extrmely unpopular in the area as a consequence of his decision to side with his party in a high-profile dispute with the proncial government regarding the inclusion of non-renewable resource revenue in the federal equalization program. This decision was a contravention of a written campaign promise and its implementation was a devastating economic blow to the province, costing it at least $10 Billion dollars in resource revenue.

Colliers is a beautiful town, with rolling hills, rivers and a pituresque harbour that is often home to icebergs.

North: Conception Bay
West: Division No. 1, Subd. O
East: Conception Harbour
South: Division No. 1, Subd. O

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