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Thomas (Tom) O'Dell is a host on the Cutlery Corner Network, a satellite television shopping show dedicated to selling fine cutlery and assorted medieval weaponry such as swords and katanas. ' Cutlery Corner Network', sometimes referred to as Knife Show is featured on cable on Dish Network (Channel 216), DirecTV (Channel 227) and ION in the United States. However, due to contract variations, the timeslot in which Cutlery Corner has previously aired on it may be replaced with old movies.

Though he is not directly involved with the show, Tom is also a co-host of Coin Country, a similar type of show selling coins. Before these two shows, he worked on various knife shows, such as the Knife Collectors Show along with Shawn Leflar on the Shop at Home network.

On Cutlery Corner, Tom is assisted on the show by one of two additional hosts, Sheila Travis or Todd Boone (who also works on Shop at Home), demonstrating swords, katanas, bowies and many decorative knives. Tom is famous for being highly enthusiastic about his work. Many people tune into his late-night infomercials to simply be entertained by him.

One of O'Dell's famous terms is "bigguns" used to describe the large knives and swords that he sells. He is also known to cut the price of whatever he is featuring nearly in half or more, such as selling a set of five decorative bowie knives with a retail value of over $1,000 for $79.99. He has also clothed himself in camouflage and combat boots to appear on the show.

O'Dell is also known for saying "We, uh, may need emergency surgery in the studio" on a famous online clip in which a former assistant of his, Shawn Leflar, stabs himself with a practice katana. This clip has been featured on VH1's Web Junk 20. Clips have also been featured from broadcasts of Cutlery Corner on Jimmy Kimmel Live. On January 4, 2007, O'Dell was a guest on Kimmel's show, showing off some of his knives and sharing his experiences.

Both Cutlery Corner and O'Dell's enthusiastic salesmanship were discussed at length during hour two of the July 22, 2008 Rick Emerson Radio Program.


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