Codename: Kids Next Door

Codename: Kids Next Door, also known as Kids Next Door or by its acronym KND, was an American animated television series created by Tom Warburton and produced by Curious Pictures. The series debuted on Cartoon Network on December 6, 2002 and aired its final episode on January 21, 2008. The series came about as the result of a viewer's poll by Cartoon Network. It briefly aired on Miguzi at 4:00 p.m. Broadcast as two episodes per half-hour (except for a few half-hour episodes). The main characters of the series are five 10 year-olds who operate from their high-tech treehouse against the tyranny of adults and teenagers. The central characters make up what is known as Sector V of a worldwide organization called the Kids Next Door. On December 29, 2007, the series finale, Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S., aired on Cartoon Network Philippines. The finale was first aired in North America on January 21, 2008.


Production history

Mr. Warburton created a pilot episode for another show, Kenny and the Chimp. Originally, there was a group of children who called themselves "The Kids Who Lived Next Door" among the recurring characters. The Kids Next Door would get Kenny into trouble but the plotline was changed to focus on the group of kids alone, and later, the kids battling adulthood. In 2001 the show won on a Cartoon Network viewer's poll with its own pilot episode, No P in the OOL.


The stories are titled as the Kids Next Door's missions, denoted as "Operation:" followed by an acronym which often give viewers clues to what the story is about. The stories are often about typical problems that children face, but usually magnified and exaggerated, mostly on the show's early episodes (this was slowly changed into a bigger, more complex storyline). Every mission may or may not be chronologically ordered in relation to the previous or the next, but it's accepted that most of the time they occur in the order that the episodes are shown. Sometimes missions make a references to a certain situations, or lead to consequences in another mission.

KND Universe

The Kids Next Door Organization is a worldwide group comprising thousands of kids joined in mutual struggle against adult tyranny. They fight villains that embody specific menaces to children overall; such as Knightbrace (going to the dentist), Count Spankulot (spanking), the Common Cold (self-explanatory), Windsor and the Queen Tie (wearing ties), Mrs. Dirt (taking a bath), and Father/Benedict Uno, (the ultimate figure of authority). For every member of Kids Next Door, upon following a period of training, the kids are then assigned a number or alphanumerical code (pronounced "numbuh") and sent to a "sector", that is, a treehouse of gigantic proportions. The KND Organization Head Quarters itself is set on the Moon (Moonbase). Kids follow their oath of protecting other kids as well as battling adulthood until the age of 13, when they are "decommissioned": their brains are washed-clean of memories of any past KND activity, upon which they are thence considered teenagers, and a threat to KND as well. The practice of strict decommissioning at age 13 was later on revealed to be subject to some exceptions: kids who have proved to be exceptional agents are offered the chance to carry on in KND as spies infiltrating the teen organization (see Maurice for a prime example) . This practice is kept secret. Decommissioning has also proved reversible due to errors and thus brainwashing is not necessarily permanent.


Sector V

  • Numbuh One (Nigel Uno) (Ben Diskin), leader and head of Sector V, a workaholic, bald British kid who does not put complete trust in anyone but his teammates. Throughout the series, his girlfriend is Lizzie Devine, but their relationship was ended when she explained that she was tired of him always putting KND priorities over her. He is the only operative on his team without a sibling. His last name, Uno, is Spanish for the number one. He is easily annoyed by distractions and occasionally has a short temper, and is somewhat paranoid. A running joke after an initial episode is that he has a very big butt. He is often embarrassed by this with his underwear is revealed in several episodes and he is naked in one. His primary conflict is with Father, later revealed to be his uncle, whose main goal is consistently to destroy the Kids Next Door and Numbuh 1 altogether. His own father was once the KND's greatest agent, Numbuh Zero, and was briefly recommissioned to help the KND fight against Grandfather and his legion of Senior Citizombies. Nigel's mother is Numbuh 999, the first girl operative in the seventh age of the Kids Next Door, which is revealed in the series finale. Throughout the series, he shows great leadership skills, resourceful thinking, and devotion to the KND and kids' rights in general, which ultimately results in him being selected to join the Galactic Kids Next Door, as detailed in the series finale Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S. and hinted at throughout the final episodes leading up to it.
  • Numbuh Two (Hoagie Pennywhistle Gilligan Jr.) (Ben Diskin), an inventor and pilot with a passion for flight, a chubby American kid obsessed with cracking puns at every chance he sees. He hangs out with nerds on occasion and enjoys some considerably nerdy interests, and also enjoys being a detective (he once interrogated his family and the Sanbans when a Rainbow Monkey was stabbed at the dinner table). He was the one who designed the Sector's treehouse. This was mentioned by Numbuh four on Operation: H.U.G.S. Food is also something he shows great interest in, and underlies much of what he does. He has a crush on Numbuh Five's sister Cree throughout the series, and often ignores the fact that she is an enemy and considers him extremely annoying. Him being "Jr." ostensibly makes him the number two. His family members include his mother, who seems to have some inventions of her own, and a little brother named Tommy (later Numbuh T, and then "The Tommy") who is also a prolific inventor in his own right. According to the series finale, he marries Numbuh Five when he is an adult, it is also shown that he was aware of the Galactic KND and gave Numbuh 1 several 2x4 technology he was working on, though he states they're probably nothing compared to what the Galactic KND have.
  • Numbuh Three (Kuki Sanban) (Lauren Tom), an 'airhead' and the epitome of 'girly', optimistic, usually happy Japanese girl whose love for every creature almost always interferes with her responsibilities. She has a great love for, is a fan of, and has extensive knowledge about Rainbow Monkeys (which her room is filled with), and will often irrationally defend them, occasionally allowing her insanely aggressive side to show (generally accompanied by her face turning red, teeth and ears becoming pointed and eyes flaming, resembling an oni). Despite her usual demeanor, she is just as capable as the other operatives in her sector - her trademark 2x4 technology is a large, robotic bunny that she rides in, it is revealed in the series finale that she isn't an airhead and was in fact aware of everything around her this whole time and acts perky and dense so she doesn't feel sad (she also kisses Numbuh 1 as encouragement in the Galactic KND). Loosely translated from Japanese, Sanban means "number three". It is implied throughout the series that she has a crush on Numbuh Four, and is often angered by his insensitivity towards her and Rainbow Monkeys. In her cameo in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy movie, she is allotted the position of the Grim Reaper, putting Grim out of commission. Her family consists of two incredibly uptight parents who demonstrate suppressed anger as she does, and her little sister Mushi, who is arguably cuter than she is but twice as cruel. As an adult, Kuki becomes owner of the entire Rainbow Monkey Corporation and, opposing her attitude as a child, tears down an amusement park related to it, as detailed by the series finale - it is also mentioned that she ultimately marries Numbuh Four.
  • Numbuh Four (Wallabee Beatles) (Dee Bradley Baker), a short, blonde-haired, impulsive Australian boy known for acting before thinking. He is the most capable when it comes to physical fighting, but is arguably the least intelligent KND operative, which leads to him being easily fooled, and most usually selected for dangerous parts in missions. Wallabee is barely literate and is ignorant in basic knowledge of social studies, English and mathematics, and his grades in school greatly reflect this. However, he does have some moments where he shows some intelligence, such as when evil version of the KND (knows the DNK, Destructively Nefarious Kids) posed as his friends around he was able to tell that they were impostors (despite that they looked exactly like the originals), and being able to realize the evil version of him, Negative Numbuh Four was a coward since he found that the evil versions of the KND were the opposites of the normal ones. His passion is dodgeball, which he displays great talent in. He used to secretly go to the Bully Fights, until his opponent presented was his father. He has a terrible fear of swimming (and doesn't learn how until late in the series), which leads to many water-related conflicts. Besides his other phobias (girls and Rainbow Monkeys) 4 is also unlucky (possibly because 4 is unlucky in Chinese): he once found himself at a convention of KND villains! He has a slightly complicated crush on Numbuh Three, and constantly denies it because he is in opposition to all things cute and girly, and often is easily annoyed by her antics. In Operation C.A.K.E.D.-F.O.U.R, he quickly objects when The Kid flirts with Numbuh Three, but can't do much to stop it because he is stranded on an island in the middle of the river; when the announcer calls him a "loser in love", he is quick to deny that love has anything to do with it. His last name, Beetles, is a reference to British rock band The Beatles, who were also known as the Fab Four - his hair style also seems to be referenced to them. His family consists of his father, an accountant, and his mother, who are both seemingly as clueless as he is (if not more), and his baby brother, who shows more potential in dodgeball than Numbuh Four does due to the rule "the younger you are, the better you are at dodgeball". In the series finale, he acts tough to disguise the fact that he's going to miss Numbuh 1. Numbuh Four also mentions that he married Numbuh Three and when grown, and, in a great display of irony, he attended Harvard Medical School. He is even shown to be a few inches taller than his wife.
  • Numbuh Five (Abigail Lincoln) (Cree Summer), second in command, an intelligent and relaxed girl of French and African American descent who keeps her head cool even in the worst situations. She talks in third person much of the time, and her passion is candy and sweets - mostly notably ice-cream (to which she seems to be connected to, once doubling over in pain when an ice-cream plant was destroyed, similarly to Yoda during the Great Jedi Purge), this is best shown in her solo adventures and otherwise hinted at. Her life's dream was to taste the legendary Fourth Flavor of ice-cream, which she lived out in Operation F.L.A.V.O.R. Her last name, Lincoln, is a reference to former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, whose visage appears on the U.S. five dollar bill. Her evil teenage sister is Cree, and her parents' faces are never shown. As detailed in the series finale, following Nigel Uno's departure, she becomes the leader of Sector V though she was at first reluctant because of an incident that is never mentioned (it can be speculated it was the incident with Numbuh 1's baldness), is promoted to Supreme Leader of KND three months later, and ultimately marries Numbuh 2 when grown. In at least one episode, including Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S, there is proof that she used to lead Sector V before she introduced Nigel to the KND.

Other characters


To date, there is a contract for six seasons, each with 13 episodes (two half-length episodes counting as one), adding up to 78 episodes altogether. There has been one movie, taking place between Seasons 5 and 6, Operation: Z.E.R.O. (direct-to-TV).


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