Cockerill-Sambre is a Belgian steel manufactor located in Seraing (province of Liège), on the Meuse River, and in Charleroi, on the shore of the Sambre River. It was founded by John Cockerill, an English entrepreneur.

1842: Limited company John Cockerill.

1955: Fusion with the Ougrée-Marihaye company, after which the company was renamed Cockerill-Ougrée.

1966: Period of economic revival, "Sixties Golden delicious". Fusion with the forging mills of the Providence, which re-elected the company Cockerill-Ougrée-Providence.

1970: Absorption of Hope-Longdoz (creator of Chertal) which renamed it more simply Cockerill.

It was merged into the Usinor group in 1998. In 2002 it became part of the Arcelor Group

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