Cockburn Sound

Cockburn Sound

Cockburn Sound is an inlet of the Indian Ocean on the coast of Western Australia. It extends from the south of the mouth of the Swan River at Fremantle for about 25 km to Cape Peron near Rockingham.

It is bounded on the east by the mainland and on the west by Garden Island and Carnac Island, several rocky outcrops and numerous well-developed coral reefs. Gage Roads lies to the north.

It is located at . Its total area is about 100 km².

Industrial use along the mainland foreshore has for many years caused concern for residents. In recent years however, heavy industry has reduced as urban infill has increased.

The Garden Island causeway built for access to the naval facility on Garden Island has changed dynamics of seagrass ecology in the sound, as well as changing the shoreline drift and movement of sand around into the Shoalwater Marine park area

The sound is being used increasingly for recreation and fishing as water quality has improved.

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