Cobas Mira

Cobas Mira

The Roche Cobas Mira is a benchtop, random access biochemistry analyzer. This system allows for the selective analysis of chemistries in either a routine or STAT mode. Testing sequence is by patient rather than test (batch). The optional ISE module for sodium, potassium and chloride determinations expand the capabilities of the instrument.

The Roche Cobas Mira is ideal in the laboratory situation where patient samples arrive throughout the day and night. With random access instrumentation, these samples may be placed on the analyzer and results will be available within minutes. With random access, samples do not have to be saved for a major run as with batch analyzers. STAT samples may be placed on the instrument at any time. Once the STAT has been completed, the Cobas Mira automatically returns to processing the routine samples. Communication with the Roche Cobas Mira is done via the integrated control panel. Through the control panel the operator selects tests, reviews results and programs tests, profiles and system parameters.

Other features of the Roche Cobas Mira include; a throughput of 140 tests/hr, microprocessor controlled XYZ pipetting system, 104 test channels including 23 preprogrammed methods and the capacity to hold 2100 patient results, capacity for 72 cuvettes (six 12 cuvette segments), cuvette volume of 150-600µL, and an analysis interval of 25 seconds. The system also includes a security system for laboratory-defined parameters.

The instrument checks for the integrity of the cuvette, the rack reader, temperature, the monitor and printer.

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