Coach America

Coach America

Coach America, also doing business as American Coach Lines, is a holding company for American bus services owned by Fenway Partners operating under the Coach America, American Coach Lines, and Gray Line names (at some locations, operating under pre-existing branding). Coach America consists largely of former Coach USA operations except for the midwestern United States, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New England.


What is Coach America today was initially Stagecoach's Coach USA Western, South Central, and Southeastern Divisions. The original Coach America was formed when, after Stagecoach Group evaluated its Coach USA business, decided to retain mostly its scheduled and local transit services in the Northeast and North Central region and put the rest of the company up for sale.. The South Central and West divisions of Coach USA were sold to Kohlberg Kravis Roberts., with these companies continuing to use the Coach USA name for a time, but eventually changing to the current Coach America. The Southeast division, was sold to a separate buyer, Lincolnshire Management.

In 2006, Coach America purchased American Coach Lines from Lincolnshire Management.. In November of that same year, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts sold Coach America to another private equity firm, Fenway Partners.

Today, Coach America operates under several different brand names in the Southwest Southeast, and western United States, including the Coach USA name (under license from Stagecoach Group), American Coach Lines, Dillon's, Kerrville, Cruise Connection, Gray Line, Lakefront Lines, and All West brands, among others.


Coach America is organized into several divisions:

  • Mountain: Based in Las Vegas with the Western Division office, this division consists of subsidiaries based in Arkansas, Colorado, North Dakota, Tennessee, Ohio, and Wyoming.
  • Northwest: This division based in Sacramento consists of companies based in northern California, northern Nevada, and Oregon.
  • South Central: This division based in Houston comprises companies based in Texas and Louisiana.
  • Southeast: This division, based in Orlando, consists of the former American Coach Lines companies.
  • West: Based in Las Vegas, this division comprises subsidiaries based in Arizona, southern Nevada, and southern California.

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