Clytius (Greek: Κλυτίος) is the name of many people in Greek mythology:

  1. A son of Laomedon, brother of Priam, and an elder of Troy (Homer's Iliad, book 3). Also spelled Klythios, Klytios, Clytios, and Klytius.
  2. A young soldier in the army of Turnus who is loved by Cydon in Virgil's Aeneid, 10. v. 325.
  3. One of the Gigantes killed by Vulcan in the battle of the gods according to Apollodorus.
  4. A man who attended Telemachus in Homer's Odyssey, Book 15.
  5. One of the sons of Aeolus who followed Aeneas into Italy and was killed by Turnus is also named Clytius in the Aeneid, 9, v. 744.
  6. An Argonaut, son of Eurytus, killed by Apollo for challenging him to an archery match.


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