Clodovil Hernandez

Clodovil Hernandes

Clodovil Hernandes (Elisiário, June 17, 1937) was raised by Diego Hernández and Isabel Sánchez, a Spanish immigrant couple. He never knew his biological parents. Clodovil is a former Brazilian fashion stylist and was known in the 70's as a Brazilian fashion pioneer. In the 80's, Hernandes became a TV personality with appearances in TV Globo's "TV Mulher", one of the first Brazilian shows dedicated to the contemporary woman. Clodovil's career as a TV presenter had ups and downs throughout the 90's: although he had a strong female following, his explicit right wing positions and unstable relations with co-workers led to frequent job loss. Clodovil then pursued politics, and in 2006 was elected to represent the state of São Paulo in the Chamber of Deputies in the lower house of the National Congress of Brazil as a candidate of the Christian Labour Party. He is one of only two openly gay politicians in South America. After health issues and a scandal in which he reportedly called a fellow female deputy too ugly to work as a whore, Clodovil has been avoiding the media.

Television career

Clodovil received his education through Catholic priests. He speaks French and Spanish in addition to his native Portuguese.

After his breakthrough on Globo's TV Mulher, Clodovil was fired from the female program hosted by Marilia Gabriela and sexologist São Paulo and current Brazilian minister for Tourism, Marta Suplicy. In 1982, when Walter Clark, Globo's former director general, was invited to be a director on the Rede Bandeirantes network, Clodovil hosted his program. In the 1993 Brazilian TV season, Clodovil hosted a program in Rede Manchete, when the network suffered a severe financial crisis and strike action with the suspension of part of the national schedule, based in Rio de Janeiro. Adolpho Bloch returned control by legal determination when he left the channel in the first days of May due to past differences with the ex-boss.

In 2006 in São Paulo, Clodovil was depicted in a musical. He defends the preservation of Mata Atlântica in the Ubatuba region and minority rights in the lower house. His future project is Casa Clô, a foundation attended by women not helped by official social assistance programs.

Clodovil trained as an actor and as a singer. He created the evening gowns for Miss Brasil and Miss Universe Sandra Mara Ferreira and Sandra Guimarães de Oliveira.

His controversial declarations on (Rede TV!), caused legal consequences for Clodovil's artistic career. Today, he is the presenter of Clodovil Por Excelência (Clodovil By Excellence) on the TVJB network, which was established in March 2007.

Political phrases

2006 campaign

  • "Brasília will never be the same".
  • "I will not promise anything. I will report [any kind of corruption] that comes directly to me".

Theatrical career

  • Elas por Elas (2006)


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