Clockwerx is a computer game created by Callisto Corporation that was released in 1995. Callisto Corporation no longer creates computer games; they now create software for organizing, sharing, and manipulating digital photographs.

The game was originally released by Callisto under the name Spin Doctor. Later, with some game play enhancements, it was published by Spectrum HoloByte as Clockwerx. The gameplay consisted of solving a series of increasingly difficult levels by swinging a rotating wand from dot to dot until you reached the "goal" dot. Enemy wands that kill you if touched march in predetermined patterns around each level's grid. The design is such that, with careful timing, you can swing through seemingly impassable groups of enemies. You can even swing from the same dot as an enemy by staying on the opposite side of it, since most enemy wands rotate at the same speed as you. At higher levels, more enemies are introduced, such as doors that open and close when your wand passes over a switch, hyperdots that send you to a different dot, and drops of acid that follow you around.

Your wand is in continuous motion; your only control is to reverse its direction of rotation, or to swing to another dot. You can also swing to another dot and reverse rotation at the same time. All your motion is controlled by just four keys (reverse direction immediately, "bounce" (reverse direction when your wand passes by another dot), move to another dot, and move and reverse direction simultaneously). This method of locomotion is reminiscent of the early NES game Clu Clu Land.

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