Clock towers

The Clock Towers

The Clock Towers is a shopping precinct in the town centre of Rugby, Warwickshire. It is managed by EFM Facilities Ltd. The shops in the precinct include several clothes stores, two game shops and a few thrift stores. The shopping centre was known in its previous existence as Rugby Shopping Centre. The precinct gains its name from the famous clock tower in the town center.

Recent Complaints

In recent months there have been several complaints about how dozens of buckets had to be put out around the main walking area outside the shops to catch rain as the roof is not watertight. This caused an inconvenience not just to the general public, who on a busy day, had to walk around these annoying buckets, but to the elderly and disabled who found it very difficult to move in between these buckets and shoppers. Further complaints include 'how old the shopping centre is'. Surveys show that the majority of people in Rugby would prefer a brand new shopping center comparable to the 'Royal Priors' in Leamington Spa for example.

Chiming Clock

Inside the precinct there is a large clock known as the 'Chiming Clock' It is the focal point of the precinct and is famous for its features. Every fifteen minutes, the clock plays a tune and re-enacts the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare. This clock was created by Farmer Studios LTD - Leicester and was installed in 1995.

Railway Clock

In 1995, another clock was installed as well as the 'Chiming Clock' and this was the 'Railway Clock.' This clock was outside Kwik Save on the opposite side of the precinct but was taken down not long after it was installed to make room for JJBs extension. It wasn't moved to another part of the precinct, it was just totally removed, leaving the 'Fable Clock' all on its own. The features of this clock were station signals and train whistles. This clock symbolised Rugby Railway, one of the reasons why Rugby, Warwickshire is famous.

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