Cliopsis krohnii


Cliopsidae, the sea angels, are a taxonomic family of small free-swimming sea slugs, pelagic marine opisthobranch gastropod mollusks in the order Opisthobranchia.

As is the case in all gymnosome pteropods, these sea angels lack a shell except during an early embryonic stage.

The small lateral winglike flaps (parapoda) are used in a slow swimming mode. The foot is reduced to three small median lobes.

A more comprehensive discussion can be found under the entry sea angel.

Genera and species in the family Cliopsidae

Genus Cliopsis Troschel, 1854

  • Cliopsis krohnii Troschel, 1854
    • Distribution : Oceanic, all warm and temperate seas.
    • Length : 40 mm – 70 mm
    • Description : somewhat flabby, gelatinous body with a bluish aspect. Highly specialized predator : preys on pseudothecosomes, such as Corolla. On making contact with the wide mucous web of its victim, it grabs the victim with a long proboscis (up to twice its own length), chitinous hooks and cutting radular teeth. They can eat victims three times their own size. Pelagic, lives amidst plankton as deep as 1,500 m.

Genus Pruvotella

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