Cliona celata

Cliona celata

Red Boring Sponge (Cliona celata)

Cliona celata is a species of demosponge belonging the family Clionaidae. This is one of the "boring sponges", which create round holes up to around 5 cm in diameter in limestone and the shells of molluscs, especially oysters. The sponge itself is often visible as a rather featureless yellow or orange lump at the bottom of the hole. This sponge has a worldwide distribution and is common in many areas.


Often a bright yellow to a orangeish red. They grow to be about 1/2inc and about 1/16inc. in height. Their colonies can be up to 30inc. in diameter. They get their food through small "filters" that seawater flows through. In the colony there are small hole covering its entire plain. They look similar to a rock.


The boring sponge lives on the ocean floor. They group in colonies rather than wander alone. They do this for protection and reproduction. These sponges are common in Southern New England and in Narragansett Bay. They also live in the Bahamas, and the western Atlantic Ocean. They usually live in lagoons or reefs. The will sometimes make there home on dead mollusks or other shelled creatures.


Red Boring Sponges can reproduce asexually and sexually. They can simply separate by mitosis, like single cells, or they can release sperm into the water in hopes of them finding a female's eggs. They may also attach their larvae onto mollusks like clams and mussels. This usually results in the death of the host. They then will begin to grow and colonize.


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