[klee-oh; for 1 also klahy-oh]
Clio: see Muses.
Clio may refer to:

  • Clio (muse), the muse of heroic poetry and history in Greek mythology.
  • Clio, the name of one of the Oceanids
  • Clio, the name of one of the Nereids
  • Clio, a girl's given name, sometimes spelled Cleo, Klio, or Kleio


United States




  • Renault Clio, a compact French hatchback car
  • The Clio Awards, for best in advertising and design
  • CLIO, the information server that used [(protocol)] to provide access to information in the National Archives and Records Administration
  • Vadem Clio, a handheld PC
  • CLIO, Cryogenic Laser Interferometer Observatory for a gravitational wave detector prototype in Japan.

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