Clay Jordan

Clay Jordan was born in Canyon, Texas, USA on December 30, 1955. He was Brian Heidik's final opponent in the Thailand season of Survivor, where he lost in a 4-3 decision.

Early on in the game, he was part of a Final Two alliance with Heidik, who had worked two other such alliances and an overall tribal alliance. What he didn’t know was that Heidik was planning for several rounds to have him as his final opponent. This was in part due to three tendencies: being lazy, being captivated by the behinds of other females (in particular Heidik’s wife), and making a series of off-color comments that endeared him to Penny Ramsey but not to others.

Still, Jordan prepared himself well for the finale by planting his supporter Ramsey on the jury, ready to cast a final vote for him. This paid off when was able to answer her jury question without any lapses, while Heidik fumbled.

In his own life, Jordan was one of four boys in a single mother household, and he considers his mother to be his hero because of her success in raising the family on her own. He met the love of his life when she was 13 and he was 14. They dated throughout junior high and continued to do so when they both attended Levelland High. After graduation, Clay began courses at South Plains College. When he was 20 years old, he married his childhood sweetheart and they moved to Odessa, Texas.

He currently resides in Monroe, Louisiana and is a member of Crime Stoppers, the Louisiana Restaurant Association and Frenchman's Bend Country Club, respectively.

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