Claus van de Werve

Claus van de Werve

Werve, Claus van de, d. 1439, Flemish sculptor. The nephew and student of Claus Sluter, Werve succeeded his uncle as chief sculptor to Philip the Bold, whose tomb he designed. His squat, chunky figures were close in style to Sluter's.
Charle-Philippe van de Werve (1706-1776), count of Vorselaar, formed part of a very old, important and noble family of Antwerp.

He was the son of Baron Charles-Henri van de Werve, Lord of Schilde, Lord of Giessen-Oudkerk, Lord of Wavre-Notre-Dame and Lord of Wavrans; and his wife Eléonore-Louise de Varick. He married Marie-Anne de Pret, only daughter of the very rich Philippe-Louis de Pret (Lord of Vorselaar, Lord of Rielen and Lord of Lichtaert) and his wife Anne-Marie Moretus (whose ancestor Christophe Plantin was).

He became the first count of Vorselaar and Baron of Lichtaert and of Rielen.

He had 12 children with his wife:

  • Marie-Joseph van de Werve (1737-1737)
  • Albert-Marie van de Werve (1738-1738)
  • Anne-Marie-Caroline van de Werve (1739-1739)
  • Charles-Bernard van de Werve (1740-1813), second count of Vorselaar. He married in 1763 Hubertine de Gilman and in 1788 Reine della Faille.
  • Marie-Anne van de Werve (1742-1798), she married in 1763 Jean Roose, count of Baisy, baron of Boechout, Lord of Loupoigne
  • Jean-Joseph van de Werve (1744-1744)
  • Jeanne-Caroline van de Werve (1745-1747)
  • Albertine van de Werve (1747-1810), she married in 1768 Jean-François, count de Hénin-Liétard and of Alsace, marquess of Alsace, baron of Fosseux, Lord of Dion le Val.
  • Philippe-Louis van de Werve (1748-1834), baron of Schilde. He married in 1767 Marie-Alexandrine de Fraule, in 1770 Thérèse Peeters and in 1791 Marie-Louise della Faille.
  • Théodore van de Werve (1752-1780), he married in 1776 Anne de Neuf
  • Joseph-Henri van de Werve (1753-1753)
  • Jeanne-Joséphine van de Werve (1755-1785), she married in 1777 François, baron van Ertborn.

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