Claudine Muno

Claudine Muno

Claudine Muno (born 2 July 1979 in Luxembourg City) is a Luxembourgian author, musician, and music teacher.


Claudine Muno spent her childhood in southern Luxembourg town of Pétange and finished secondary school with a diploma in modern languages, literature, and Latin. She received an undergraduate degree in History at the University of Strasbourg, France, where she wrote a dissertation on Luxembourgish film: Peur de l'oubli - Peur de l'autre. Les films et documentaires luxembourgeois ayant pour sujet la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale (French: Fear of forgetting, fear of the Other. Luxembourgish films and documentaries covering the Second World War).

After graduating, she became the full-time cultural editor of the Luxembourgish weekly left/green-wing magazine woxx. As of 2007, she is teaching music in the Neie Lycée, a pilot secondary school in Luxembourg City.

The author

In 1996, Muno's first publication was a triple surprise for the Luxembourgish book market: the author was not only female (which was rare until then), she was also young (16 years old), and she wrote in English, a language rarely used in Luxembourgish literature. In the following years, Muno has published a novel in French, one in German, and three in Luxembourgish. She has also co-authored two children picture storybooks with Pascale Junker who did the illustrations, and she has written two plays in Luxembourgish: Speck and Krakullen. Book critics have compared her writing style to the Belgian writer Amélie Nothomb.

The musician

Although Muno's first CD was first published by her book publisher, she is nationally and internationally known as Claudine Muno and The Luna Boots, who have already produced two albums. Her singing style and voice has made her being sometimes compared to Jewel and Alanis Morissette.


  • Prix littéraire national 2000 (French: National Literary Prize) for her short-story Crickets
  • Servais Prize (2004) her her novel Frigo


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