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Godsend (Heroes)

"Godsend" is the twelfth episode of the first season of the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes.


Two weeks following the events of "Fallout", Peter remains in a coma after consecutively absorbing too many powers. While Nathan and their mother look over him, Simone comes to visit, and Nathan asks her to take him to Isaac Mendez so that he can learn more about the cause to which Peter has devoted himself.

Claire, feigning memory loss in the presence of Mr. Bennet, is distraught with Zach having no memory of their friendship. She expresses to the Haitian how she cannot go on alone and asks for Zach's memory to be restored and for a meeting with Peter. The Haitian informs her that he cannot restore Zach's memory and that Peter is being watched, and if she visits him, Mr. Bennet will know that she has retained her memories. Claire recreates her original encounter with Zach in "Genesis" by asking him to videotape her as she jumps from a high platform, exhibiting her healing powers in front of him and once again placing her confidence in him.

At Primatech Paper, Mr. Bennet and Hank observe a semi-conscious Sylar, and discuss their inability to isolate the strands of code that determine the origin of his abilities without violating their orders not to kill him.

Niki remains confined in a county jail after her surrender to authorities in "Fallout". She exhibits violent and unruly behavior, as indicated by the guards' wounds and their treatment of her.

D.L. Hawkins, once again living at home, is visited by Aron Malsky, a representative of Mr. Linderman. D.L. returns the stolen money, and is told that the charges against him have been dropped due to Niki's confession, but his debt to Mr. Linderman remains unfulfilled.

Meanwhile, Niki's lawyer informs her that the District Attorney is going to seek the death penalty for her crimes; he suggests that she cooperate by revealing the location of the stolen money, but she claims to know nothing about it. Jessica then intermittently takes control of the conversation, making the lawyer question her mental stability.

During a visit with Micah and D.L., Niki tells them of her upcoming evaluation at the psychiatric ward and asserts that Jessica is not merely a dual personality. She then pleads with the guard to let her hug Micah; he refuses and eventually assaults her, which she counters by breaking his nightstick. Security personnel then overtake her, detaining her as Micah and D.L. look on.

At the end of the episode, Niki is revealed to have been confined in a padded room in a psychiatric ward, bound in a straitjacket.

Hiro and Ando finally make it to New York City, determining that they must find the sword used by "Future Hiro" in order to fully restore Hiro's abilities. While visiting the Museum of Natural History, Hiro locates the sword, which is revealed to have been owned by the historic samurai Takezo Kensei. On its hilt is the mysterious symbol, which Ando identifies as a mixed kanji meaning "great talent" and "godsend". Hiro attempts to stop time so he can steal it; he manages to slow down time significantly, which is enough for him to succeed. However, he then discovers it to be a replica provided by Mr. Linderman (as seen in the image above).

Simone is finally convinced that Isaac has extraordinary powers when she, Hiro, Ando, and Isaac meet.

At Matt Parkman's urging, a SWAT team descends on Primatech Paper in search of Sylar, but they fail to yield results and Audrey is reprimanded by her superior. Matt confronts Mr. Bennet, threatening to continue his investigation.

Matt later returns home to find Janice ready to leave, awaiting his decision on the status of their marriage. Matt decides to tell her about his ability and the reason for his collaboration with the FBI.

Mohinder Suresh, at his apartment in New York, is visited by an FBI agent who states that they are finally taking his warnings seriously after all of Sylar's murders. He then reveals to Mohinder that Eden McCain, whose real name was Sarah Ellis, was found dead at Lake Ramsey in Sudbury, Ontario with an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Later, Mohinder is visited by Mr. Bennet, who tells him of Eden's abilities and her employment with him. He then asks for Mohinder's help, revealing that he needs Chandra Suresh's research. Mohinder refuses, but Mr. Bennet gives him a Primatech business card to contact him if he changes his mind.

Ted Sprague is seen practicing using his hands to generate small explosions. Peter experiences another prophetic vision of himself exploding in New York City, this time featuring fleeting visions of an unnamed bearded man. Peter wakes up screaming and leaves the hospital. Shortly before the explosion, Peter apologizes for losing control of powers he absorbed without meaning to. He then books a flight to the desert where nuclear tests were once conducted, and then sees the bearded man from his vision nonchalantly stealing from people he passes on the street. When Peter pursues him, he is revealed as "Claude" (played by Christopher Eccleston), who is shocked that Peter can see him despite his power of invisibility. He attacks Peter, and we see that nobody around them can see either of them.

The episode ends with Nikki in the asylum asking God for help. She then turns into Jessica and says, "Who needs God when you've got me?"


At the end: In the beginning, there was discovery, a confusion of elements, a first snowfall of impossible change. Old lives undone, left behind, strange faces made familiar, new nightmares to challenge sleep, new friends to feel safe with. Only then comes control, the need to impose order onto chaos through determination, through study, through struggle, all in defiance of a thundering truth. They're here, and the earth shudders underfoot.

There is no narration at the beginning of the episode.


The total viewership for this episode was 14.90 million. It earned an 8.5/12 share for the week.

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