Clareview Campus, Edmonton

Clareview Campus, Edmonton

Clareview Campus is a mixed use neighbhourhood located in the Clareview area of north east Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The neighbourhood is bounded on the south by 137 Avenue, on the west by the Canadian National Railways right of way, on the north by 144 Avenue, and on the east by 36 Street.

Residential Development

According to the 2001 federal census, there was a small amount of residential development in the neighbourhood during the 1970s. It was at this time that one in twenty (5.1%) of the residences in the neighbourhood were built. There was no further residential development until the 1990s. The remaining 94.9% of the residences were built between 1991 and 2000.

There has been a significant amount of residential construction since the completion of the 2001 federal census. According to the federal census, there were 195 residences in the neighbourhood. When the municipal census was conducted in 2005, this had increased to 420.

The most common type of residence, according to the 2005 municipal census, are rented apartments and apartment style condominiums. These account for seven out of ten (74%) of all residences in the neighbourhood, and are mostly in low rise buildings with fewer than five stories. Single family dwellings account for roughly one in eight residences (13%). One in ten (10%) are duplexes. The remaining 4% are row houses. Just over half of the residences (52%) are rented and just under half (48%) are owner occupied.


The Clareview Arena is located in the neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood is served by the Clareview LRT station. The LRT provides access to Rexall Place, Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium, the downtown core, and the University of Alberta. Clareview Station has excellent park and ride facilities, allowing transit users to park their cars at the station, and use the LRT.

Londonderry Mall is located to the west of Clareview Campus along 137 Avenue.

The Edmonton Police Service's North Division headquarters is located at 142 Avenue and 50 Street, just outside Clareview Campus' west boundary.

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