Clara Nunes

Clara Nunes

Clara Francisca Nunes Pinheiro (1943–1983) was a Brazilian samba musician who had worked in a factory in her teens. Her first album, in 1965, had a mix of boleros and sambas. In the 1970s she became known as a samba singer and in 1974 had a hit with the song Conto de Areia. Her rhythms were also inspired by her religion, Candomblé.

In 1975 she toured Europe and by the 1980s she was hailed as one of the top three "Samba Queens." She scored a hit in 1980 with Morena de Angola, which Chico Buarque wrote for her. In 1983 she died from a surgery to correct varicose veins, which led to mourning across Brazil.


  • 1966 A voz adorável de Clara Nunes
  • 1968 Você passa eu acho graça
  • 1969 A beleza que canta
  • 1971 Clara Nunes
  • 1972 Clara Clarice Clara
  • 1973 Clara Nunes
  • 1974 Brasileiro Profissão Esperança (with Paulo Gracindo)
  • 1974 Alvorecer
  • 1975 Claridade
  • 1976 Canto das três raças
  • 1977 Forças da natureza
  • 1978 Guerreira
  • 1979 Esperança
  • 1980 Brasil Mestiço
  • 1981 Clara
  • 1982 Nação


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