Cinemaya is an influential film magazine established in 1988 devoted exclusively to coverage of Asian film. It is published in New Delhi, India and distributed internationally. The present editor-in-chief of Cinemaya is Aruna Vasudev, noted film journalist . Its goals are to promote Asian filmmaking internationally and to help Asian national cinemas gain wider international recognition.

In 1990, in collaboration with UNESCO it founded the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema, an association of film professionals based in Singapore which presents annual awards for greatest Asian achievements in filmmaking at select film festivals around the world.

Cinefan or Cinemaya Festival of Asian Cinema, now known as Osian's Cinefan Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema, began in 1999 as an outgrowth of Cinemaya , and was later taken over by the Osian Foundation of Neville Tuli


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