Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht

Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht

The Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht is a Dutch secondary school in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1897. The school was subdivided in two parts in September 2007, they operate almost independently.

The Koni or West is the biggest of the two buildings, it's located on the Koningsbergerstraat, which explains its nickname Koni. The school is located in the building of a former secondary school, the De Bruijne Lyceum.

The Diac or Oost is the smaller building. It's located in the centre of the city, in the Diaconessenstraat.

The CGU now counts about 792 pupils, 62 teachers, 2 headmasters and 14 other workers.

About the CGU

The Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht was founded in 1897 on the Janskerkhof, counting 13 students of which only one girl. In the '30ies, the school moved to a bigger location, the Diaconessenstraat. The school has had a lot of problems searching a building which is big enough for all students. Until this year, the school was located in two buildings on a walkdistance of about 2 minutes. The schools were called the Diac and the PAS. The school even had a third location in the schoolyear 2006-2007 on the University College of Utrecht. The PAS has now closed and the University College-location couldn't be dedicated to the CGU in the schoolyear 2007-2008. The school was first promised a building on a street near the Central Station, but the costs to make the building ready for the students, were too high.

The marks of the CGU on national examinations are great. In the year of 2005, the school became 7th on a national test. The marks are above the national average scores. In the schoolyear 2006-2007, 99 of each 100 students who where examined in their last year, passed the examinations.

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