Chorisochismus dentex


Clingfishes are fishes of the family Gobiesocidae. Most species are marine, being found in shallow waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. They are bottom-dwelling fishes; some species shelter in sea urchins or crinoids. In most species the pelvic fins are modified into a sucking disc.


The classification of the clingfishes varies. FishBase places Gobiescoidae as the only family in the order Gobiesociformes, under the superorder Paracanthopterygii; whereas more official classifications within the United States, for example ITIS, place them in the suborder Gobiesocoidei of the order Perciformes, under superorder Acanthopterygii. ITIS lists Gobiesociformes as invalid and has been verified by the standards set forth by ITIS.


FishBase lists about 153 species in 45 genera:


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