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Choda, Chaudra or Koda is an ancient Indian tribal group described in the Manusmriti, which says that, because of the omission of sacred Brahmanical rituals/codes and of their not heeding to the Brahmins, some noble Kshatriyas have gradually degenerated. The Chodras are named in that list.

shanakaistu kriya-lopadimah Kshatriya-jatayah. /
vrashalatvam gata loke brahmna-darshanen cha. //43
Paundrash-Chaudra-Dravidah-Kamboja-Yavanah-Shakah. /
Paradah Pahlavash-Chinah Kirata Daradah Khashah. //44
(Manusmritti, X/43-44)

The location of these people is uncertain. Scholars speculate that the name could mean the people on the river Godavari, or it may refer to the Chola of south India.

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