Chixdiggit! II

Chixdiggit! II

Chixdiggit! II is a re-recording of Chixdiggit's first cd. They re-recorded it and put it out on Bad Taste Records with a few extra songs they used to play. A rumoured explanation is that the original release had limited distribution in Europe and Sub Pop was not interested in returning the Masters. The album artwork was once again created by Calgary illustrator Tom Bagley who this time rendered the band members much older. KJ can be seen resting his knee on the ground in a somewhat compromised split leg stance.

Just finished recording, mixing and mastering a new record in a blistering ten days!

First I should explain what I mean by "new" record. We've re-recorded our first self titled record and added a couple of tracks that we used to play back in the day but never got around recording.

K.J. Jansen on official Chixdiggit website

Track listing

All songs by K. J. Jansen.

  1. Dolphins Love Kids - 0:59
  2. Great Legs - 0:54
  3. Where's Your Mom - 1:58
  4. Henry Rollins Is No Fun - 1:14
  5. I Wanna Hump You - 2:15
  6. Song For "R" - 2:08
  7. Stacked Like That - 0:48
  8. Hemp Hemp Hooray - 3:37
  9. 323 - 1:22
  10. Angriest Young Men (We're The) - 1:51
  11. Toilet Seat's Coming Down - 1:29
  12. Shadowy Bangers From A Shadowy Duplex - 2:15
  13. Van Horne - 1:45
  14. I Drove The Coquihalla - 1:45
  15. (I Feel Like)(Gerry) Cheevers (Stitch Marks On My Heart) - 3:01
  16. Rave Queen - 2:32
  17. Spring - 1:06

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