Chisholm Trail Junior High

Chisholm Trail Junior High School

Chisholm Trail is one of the eight junior highs in Olathe, KS. The school serves a diverse population among Southern Olathe. Their graduates go to Olathe South High School along with select Frontier Trail Junior High graduates and Indian Trail Junior High graduates.

Their mascot is the wildcat and their colors are black & green.

Chisholm Trail is one of the eight junior highs in the Olathe School district. Chisholm Trail opened its doors in 2000, with then principal Carol LeVar. Since then LeVar has left and has left Bill Weber in Charge. The school is located in the southern part of the district and feeds into Olathe South High School. The school is located in one of the fastest growing communities in Olathe. Chisholm Trail serves a very diverse community.

The school has received many awards and "Standard of Excellence" year after year, as well as a couple of City Championship Banners.

School Colors: Green, Silver, and Black Mascot: Wildcats Population: Apprx. 850 students

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