Chippagiri or Chippigiri is a mandal in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, India. There is a granite hillock on the northern side of the town. Utilising the granite a cluster of temples, in the Vijayanagara Style of Architecture was built. Hence the place was known as Shilpagiir; Hillock of art and architecture. Its corrupt form is Chipagiri. There is a well with granite stone bounderies. That is misused and put disuse. It goes dry after the rainy season. It is twenty km from Alur and 7 km from Guntkal Railway station/bus stand. It is the birth place of two renowned Haridasas; Dasappa was prompted in his dreams by Purandadas,the founder of the Dasa Pantha; A tradition of rendering improptu philosophical verses and singing them all along to the tune of a Thamburi. These verses are known as Keeerthans. Dasappa became became Vijaya Dasa (1682-1755). He was the 5th in the line of the Haridasas. His verses end with the epithet; Vijaya Vitthala and his Aradhana i.e death anniversary is observed on Karthika suddha dashami.(November - December). Tenth in the line is the disciple of Vijayadasa, Mohana Dasa (1728 - 1751) whose Keerthanas' epithet is Mohana Vitthala and his Aradhana is observed on Jestha Suddha Shasti. There is a cluster of temples of Vijayanagara style of Architecture, dedicated to different dieties. A tank, with stone bounderies put to misuse has gone disuse and is now goes dry after the rainy season.

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Chippigiri is located at . It has an average elevation of 445 meters (1463 feet). Average annual rian fall is 20" to 30". Black cotton soil; groundnut and jowar are the main crops. Deers, hares and Peococks are found on the roadside and agricultural lands through out the year.


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