Chieftains 2

The Chieftains 2

Chieftains 2 is the second album released by the Irish musical group The Chieftains in 1969, the first being Chieftains 1 in 1963.


When Seán Ó Riada disbanded Ceoltoiri Chualann in 1969, several of the players wanted to continue the sound they had pioneered. The result was the reformation of "The Chieftains". "The Foxhunt" had previously been known as a piper's tune, but here it was given a full band treatment, and was widely played, as a direct result of this recording.

Track listing

  1. "Banish Misfortune/Gillian's Apples"
  2. "Seóirse Brabston"
  3. "Bean An Fhir Rua (O'Carolan)"
  4. "An Phis Fhliuch/O'Farrell's Welcome To Limerick"
  5. "An Pástín Fionn/Mrs Crotty's/The Mountain Top"
  6. "The Foxhunt"
  7. "An Mhaighdean MHara/Tie The bonnet/O'Rourke's Reel"
  8. "Callaghan's Hornpipe/Byrne's Hornpipe"
  9. "Pigtown/ Tie The Ribbons/The Bag of Potatoes"
  10. "The Humours of Whiskey/Hardiman The Fiddler"
  11. "Dónall Óg"
  12. "Brian Boru's March"
  13. "Sweeney's Polka/Denis Murphy's Polka/The Scartaglen Polka"


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