Chevy chase show

The Chevy Chase Show

The Chevy Chase Show was a FOX weeknight talk show hosted by actor and comedian Chevy Chase.


Formula and trademarks

One of several talk shows that various networks put on the air after Johnny Carson retired, it lasted for five weeks. In keeping with the formula Carson and David Letterman had established, the show also featured a house band that Chase called the best band in the world, the Tom Scott-led MBC Orchestra. Chase himself produced the show through his company Cornelius Productions, whose logo is a caricature of him dressed like a court jester juggling balls. (Cornelius is Chevy Chase's real first name.)

Just days before the show's premiere, the name of the venue where the show was recorded was changed from the Aquarius Theater to the Chevy Chase Theater. (Today the theater is known as Nickelodeon on Sunset.)

The lead-in featured a cartoon Chevy stealing letters to spell the name of his show from notable Los Angeles landmarks, including Mann's Chinese Theater. As the credits rolled at the end of each episode, Chase was seen shooting basketball at an onstage backstop.


Although FOX canceled the show after four weeks, it ran for a fifth and final one, some of the last episodes making light of the show's failure.

References in popular culture

  • A short clip of the show was seen on the last episode of the fourth season of Family Guy.
  • On the Family Guy episode Meet the Quagmires, after Peter went back in time to relive his young adult years, they come back to the present and notice the Chase is hosting the Tonight Show.
  • On The Simpsons clip show episode "The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular," one of the FOX specials Troy McClure also hosted was "Five Fabulous Weeks of The Chevy Chase Show".
  • Chevy himself made light of his cancellation at the 1994 Super Bowl, by redoing his Frito Lay commercial from the previous Super Bowl, where he sees an old lady in danger holding a bag of Doritos, but runs out to save only the bag of chips. In this commercial, the producers run onto the set yelling to "CUT!" filming and tell Chevy that the commercial has been canceled. Although an alarmed Chevy initially questions the decision ("How do you get canceled out of a commercial?"), he takes it in stride by the end of the commercial. As he leaves the lot, he tells himself (and the viewer) "Bad year, but good chips" since he has the bag of Doritos. However, the same old lady swings past Chevy on a rope and steals the bag away from him.
  • Satirical publication The Onion ran a front-page article in its September 2, 1998 issue with the headline "The Chevy Chase Show Enters Sixth Blockbuster Season in Alternate Universe."
  • Chevy also lampooned his cancellation on The Larry Sanders Show when he met fictional talk show host Larry Sanders in a psychiatrist's waiting room. Chevy wondered aloud why he wanted that fish aquarium to be featured so prominently on his set.
  • In the video game The Simpsons Road Rage, one of the phrases Krusty the Clown uses when you complete a ride in "Fast" time, is "Man, that ride was over faster than Chevy Chase's talk show."

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