Cherry Willingham Secondary School

Cherry Willingham Community School

Cherry Willingham Community School (formerly Cherry Willingham Comprehensive School and Cherry Willingham Secondary Modern School) is a school for pupils aged 11-16 on Croft Lane in the village Cherry Willingham, located just outside the city of Lincoln, England.


It was opened in 1965 as a secondary modern school, becoming comprehensive in the 1970s. The school replaced a secondary school at nearby Fiskerton. In the 1980s, either the school or a secondary modern at Sturton by Stow were proposed for closure, with the school at Sturton receiving the unwelcome decision to be closed.

Cherry Willingham Secondary School was built during 1964/5 and was opened in 1965. It was an up to date secondary school to serve the villages of Cherry Willingham, Reepham, Fiskerton, Greetwell, Langworth and Nettleham. The school replaced the old secondary school that was sited at Fiskerton and many of the teachers, such as Mr. Coupe, Mr. Sharp and Mr. Finn, who taught at Fiskerton, transferred to Cherry Willingham. The first Headteacher was Jock Borthwick.

During the 1970s there was a change in the education system and Cherry Willingham changed with the trend from a secondary modern to a comprehensive school and it soon became necessary to build what became known as “The New Block” to house the rising number of pupils. Mobile classrooms were also housed on the playground at right angles to the office block.

In 1974 the Partial Hearing Unit was opened to two of the classrooms in the main block. The unit’s main room having walls treated for sound, double doors, double-glazing, curtains and carpeted floors all to help improve sound.

In 1984 Mr. Borthwick retired. A very young Peter Fletcher arrived at school to take his place as Headmaster. He took up the fight to save Cherry Willingham from closure. The threat was to close either Cherry Willingham or Sturton by Stow. Fortunately Cherry Willingham continued to serve the local area thanks greatly to the efforts of Peter Fletcher and Dorothy Bowman, the then Chairman of the Governors. Peter Fletcher left to become an Inspector and, after a brief spell when Roger Bishop, the Deputy Head, held the fort, the school was joined by a new Headmaster, John Whittle in summer 1987.

During the later 1980s the mobile classrooms were removed.

The school actually had a small farm situated in the area known as the courtyard between the main hall and the Technology corridor, where there was originally a small outdoor swimming pool. It kept a few rare breed chickens, ducks, rabbits and even a goose called Knickers. At one time there was even a pair of sheep. The school did quite well at the Lincolnshire Show at this time.

In 1991 the Technology Block was revamped. Changes were necessary to cope with the change in curriculum and subjects taught. It was changed from a typing room, joint needlework and domestic science room, which also had a furnished flat attached, domestic science room, metalwork room and woodwork room to the block more or less as we see it today. We now have practical and theory spaces in Technology - Textiles and Food rooms, Design Realisation and Graphics rooms. The rooms were visited by many visitors to see their up to date design allowing for room for computers and workspace in technology. The Suite was opened on December 6th 1991 by Edward Leigh M.P.

Mr. Whittle moved on to Cumbria, to take headship of a much larger school and his place as Headteacher of Cherry Willingham Community School was given to David Mills in 1993.

Over most of the school’s life, one figure had been very important. Dorothy Bowman had served loyally as Chairman of the Governors since the school opened. Her efforts were repaid when the garage area, previously used to build canoes early in the school’s life and later as a potting shed and store, was converted to an Art Studio and given the name of the Dorothy Bowman Art Studio.

During late 1996 work commenced on a new block to house music, music practice rooms, drama and two classrooms and offices. The block was being built parallel to the main block and in line with the older “New Block”. The school decided to honour the first Headteacher and the block was named the Borthwick Block. It was officially opened by Mr. Borthwick’s widow, Peggy, in January 1998.

Work followed on to the older “New Block” shortly afterwards to update this and make it match the Borthwick Block. Windows were replaced, walls insulated and a casing of special render used to make it appear as red brick. All these, together with a pitched roof, made the “New Block” much warmer and more attractive. It also did away with many of the problems that concrete block buildings have. It was decided to call the building Fletcher Block and was officially re-opened by ex Headteacher, Peter Fletcher, who by that time was the Director of Education in Hull.

The Sports Hall had been a problem for some time. Heating and condensation created many difficulties. In 2001 work began on a new sports hall complete with dance studio, weights room/gym, changing rooms and a large main sports hall. It was officially opened in October 2002 by Princess Alexandra.

The School gained Sports College status.

Storage in all schools can be a problem. The Art Department had a big problem with storage. The greenhouse, which had been falling into disrepair over years, was creatively converted in 2004 to make a large indoor space, which could be used for exhibition and storage.

Extra classrooms were required and the Darwin Block, linking Fletcher Block and Whittle Science Block, was completed in 2004. This houses the R.E. classroom and a new Science laboratory.


  • Approximately 600 pupils attend the school, and approximately 80 staff work there.
  • The school was renamed Cherry Willingham Community School in 1997.
  • The school gained sports college status in 2003.
  • The school operates a traditional house system. The 4 houses were formerly named after Stately Homes located in Lincolnshire (such as Burghley House), but are now named after local RAF bases; Coningsby, Waddington, Cranwell and Scampton, which correspond with the school's initials (CWCS).
  • In 2007, 40% of pupils at 16 gained 5 grades A-C at GCSE, including English and Maths.


  • The Main Block
  • The Fletcher Block (formerly the New Block), opened in 1972, reopened in 2001.
  • The Whittle Science Block
  • The Borthwick Block, opened in 1998
  • The Dorothy Bowman Art Studio
  • The Sports Hall, opened in 2002 by Princess Alexandra
  • The Darwin Block, opened in 2004
  • The Technology Corridor (adjoining the main block)


  • Achievement Award (twice)
  • Schools Curriculum Award (twice)
  • Sportsmark (three times)
  • Artsmark Silver


The school joined with six other secondary schools in the area to make the 'Lincoln Specialist Schools Group' (LSSG) in July 2007. The move will see the schools share staff, specialist resources and even governors.

Schools in LSSG:

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