Chemical engineers

List of chemical engineers

This is a list of notable chemical engineers, people who studied or practiced chemical engineering.

See also Lists of notable engineers by discipline for lists of engineers by discipline.

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|- |Mohammed Al Mady||Executive president of SABIC.|| |- |Mukesh Ambani||Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries.|| |- |Ramani Ayer||CEO of The Hartford.|| |- | colspan=3|

Muhammad Al-Muzaini who is the section head of the chemical purchasing in the SMO DEPARTMENT IN SABIC


|- |Jay Bailey(? -2001)||pioneering work in metabolic engineering|| |- |Samuel Bodman||United States Secretary of Energy|| |- |Carl Bosch||From 1908 until 1913 developed the Haber-Bosch process together with Fritz Haber.His other notable work was for the introduction of high pressure chemistry. Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1931|| |- |Charles (Garry) Betty||President and Chief Executive Officer, EarthLink||Earthlink |- |Henry Bessemer||manufacturing of steel|| |- | colspan=3|


|- |Frank Capra||Academy Award-winning film director. || |- |John Coulson||Co-author of what became the standard UK textbook set; Coulson & Richardson's Chemical Engineering. || |- | colspan=3| Belle Cunningham (Future Chemical Engineer) Nobel prize winner in Chemistry and Mathematics


|- |Donald A. Dahlstrom||Inventor of the Hydrocyclone and related correlations, 1943|| |- |George E. Davis||Regarded as the 'founding father' of Chemical Engineering|| |- |Nguyet Anh Duong||is a Vietnamese-American, she assisted in creating a new weapon called the Thermobaric weapon in support of Operation Enduring Freedom to assault tunnels and caves being used as hideouts by the Taliban in Afghanistan.|| |- |John Drosdick (1943-)||Chairman and CEO of Sunoco, Inc.|| |- | colspan=3|


|- | colspan=3|


|- |Richard Felder||Multiple award-winning engineering educator||North Carolina State University |- |Ian Fells||Energy expert and popular science broadcaster||Newcastle University, UK |- |John Bennett Fenn||Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2002||Virginia Commonwealth University |- | colspan=3|


|- |Clifton C. Garvin||Chairman and CEO||Exxon |- |Eugenio Garza Lagüera||Chairman and CEO||FEMSA |- |Bruce C. Gates||Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering||University of California at Davis |- |Roberto Goizueta||Former chairman and chief executive of Coca-Cola|| |- |Robert W. Gore||The inventor of Gore-Tex|| |- |William Sealey Gosset||Brewer and Statistician|| |- |Andrew Grove||Intel Chief Executive Officer||Intel |- |Kevin Greening||Radio Five Live Presenter|| |- |Pierre Gy||developed theory of sampling|| |- | colspan=3|


|- |Fritz Haber|| Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1918 for the fixation of nitrogen from the air, the Haber process|| |- |Vladimir Haensel||discovering of the "Platforming" (Platinum Reforming) process which led to the production of low cost high octane gasoline|| |- |Douglas Patrick Harrison||Carried out research for DOE Vision 21 project as well research to remove CO2 from stack gas of coal-fired power generators and for production of pure Hydrogen from gasification of coal.|| |- |Fred Hassan||CEO and Chairman of the Board of Schering-Plough Corporation; former chairman and CEO for the Pharmacia Corporation ||Schering-Plough |- |Csaba Horváth||(1930-2004) considered as one of the pioneers of modern separation science|| |- |Hu Tsu Tau Richard|| Former Minister for Finance (Singapore) (1985-2001)|| |-

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|- |Rakesh Jain||Integrated bioengineering with tumor biology and imaging gene expression and functions in vivo for drug delivery in tumors.||Harvard Medical School |- |Mae Jemison||science mission specialist on the Space Shuttle Endeavour and first black woman in space|| |- | colspan=3|


|- |Pat Kenny|| Irish chatshow host |- |Trevor Kletz||author of books dealing with chemical engineering safety||Loughborough University|| |- |Charles G. Koch||CEO of Koch Industries|| |- |David H. Koch||Executive vice-president of Koch Industries|| |- | colspan=3|


|- |Robert Langer||Tissue Engineering and Controlled-Release Drug Delivery pioneer||MIT |- |Frank Lees|| author and pioneer of Loss Prevention in the process industries||Loughborough University |- |Warren K. Lewis||American chemical engineering professor; played a role in defining the field of chemical engineering during its early development||MIT |- |Arthur Dehon Little||Consultant and co-founder, with William Walker, of Arthur D. Little, Inc., a major consulting firm|| |- |Dolph Lundgren||Actor with master's degree in chemical engineering|| |- | colspan=3|


|- |John F. MacGregor||Use of latent variables in industrial processes||McMaster University|| |- |Victor Mills||Inventor of the disposal diaper|| |- |Luis E. Miramontes||Co-inventor of the progestin used in one of the first oral contraceptives|| |- |Mario Molina||Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1995||UCSD |- |Frank Morton||Namesake of Frank Morton Sports Day ||Birmingham University/Manchester University |- |Manmohan Sharma||Padmshree, Padmabhushan, Padmavibhushan, And the Millinium man of the Indian Industries, Fellow of the Royal Society, London|| |-

|Dr. R. mashelkar||Padmshree, Padmabhushan, Padmavibhushan, And the Millinium man of the Indian Industries, Fellow of the Royal Society, London|ex. director general of CSIR , NCL etc.|| |- | colspan=3|


|- |Giulio Natta||Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1963|| |- | colspan=3|


|- |Ogwal Emmanuel||famous for brewing technology at Parambot breweries Limited Uganda||Currently doing research in Petroleum Exploration and Exploitation in China,China University of Geosciences(Wuhan) |- |Lars Onsager||Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1968|| |- |Adam Osborne||Introduced the first ever portable computer in 1981, the same year IBM launched the personal computer|| |- |Donald Othmer||(1904-1995) Co-creator of the Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology||Polytechnic University of New York|| |-| colspan=3| |David J. O'Reilly|| Chairman and CEO of Chevron Corporation|| |- |Linus Pauling||Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1954, Nobel Peace Prize, 1962|| |- |Martin Perl||Nobel Prize in Physics, 1995|| |- |Robert H. Perry||Author of Handbook in 1934, now Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook|| |- | colspan=3|


|- |K. B. Quinan||Explosive manufacturing expert in World War I and first vice-president of the Institution of Chemical Engineers|| |- | colspan=3|


|- |Lee Raymond||ExxonMobil chairman and Chief Executive Officer|| |- |Jack Richardson||Co-wrote the textbook which became UK standard Coulson & Richardson's Chemical Engineering||Swansea University |- |Norbert Rillieux||Inventor who is most noted for developing the process that turned sugar from a luxury to a common commodity|| |- |Ronald W. Rousseau||Along with Richard M. Felder, co-authored the textbook Elemental Principles of Chemical Processes||Georgia Institute of Technology, Louisiana State University |- |R. Kumar||Ex. Professor of Chemical Engineering, who described bubble formation. Received Padam Bhushana (by Govt. of India)||Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore |- | colspan=3|


|- |Albert Sacco||US astronaut|| |- |Waldo L. Semon||Inventor who patented more than 116 inventions, including polyvinyl chloride (pvc)|| |- |Thomas Kilgore Sherwood||American chemical engineering professor, after whom the Sherwood number in mass transfer is named|| |- |Jack Steinberger||Nobel Prize in Physics, 1988|| |- | colspan=3|


|- | colspan=3|


|- |Lewis Urry||Invention of long-lasting alkaline batteries|| |- | colspan=3|


|- |John von Neumann||Mathematician and Computer Scientist|| |- | colspan=3|


|- |Jack Welch||Former General Electric chairman and Chief Executive Officer|| |- |Nathaniel C. Wyeth||inventor for DuPont |- |- | colspan=3|


|- | colspan=3|


|- | colspan=3|


|- |Zara Salim Davidson||Wife of the of the Raja Muda (Crown Prince) of Perak|| |- |- | colspan=3|

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