Cheeses...(of Nazareth)

Cheeses... (of Nazareth) is an album by Five Iron Frenzy released in 2003. It contains a number of rarities and live tracks as a thank you to fans; the band would break up at the end of 2003. When it was announced that this album would be made, the band asked fans to call a provided phone number and leave suggestions for what the album should contain.

The original album name was "Cheeses of Nazareth", but they decided it might be considered sacrilegious, so it was shortened to "Cheeses...". The title is based on a joke circulating on the Internet with a punchline of Cheeses of Nazareth. The album's interior contains a map of the U.S. showing a reference to the cheeses of Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

The album mainly appealed to the group's dedicated fan base. However, it managed to chart on both the Billboard heatseekers and contemporary Christian chart in the US.

Track listing

  1. "Kamikaze"
  2. "Rhubarb Pie" (Original lyrics of the song Ugly Day)
  3. "Marty"
  4. "Fistful of Sand" (live)
  5. "Four Kids in Memphis"
  6. "Mind for Treason"
  7. "Cool Enough for You" (demo version)
  8. "3rd World Think Tank" (demo version)
  9. "Old West" (demo version)
  10. "Burn"
  11. "Left"
  12. "Never Ask Us to Play This"
  13. "Dog Food"
  14. "When I See Her Face"
  15. "Abraham Lincoln Beard (First Movement)"
  16. "Praise the Lord"
  17. "Give Me Back My Sandwich"
  18. "Omnivores for Mediocrity"
  19. "That Tastes Horrible"
  20. "No Grandma = Know Grandma"
  21. "Stinky Hippy"
  22. "Abraham Lincoln Beard (Second Movement)"
  23. "It's So Hot (I'm Gonna Have a Heat Stroke)"
  24. "Thea and the Singing Telegram"
  25. "How's About Some Milk?"
  26. "Donkey Basketball"
  27. "Screams in the Night"
  28. "Pootermobile"
  29. "Abraham Lincoln Beard (Third Movement)"
  30. "Mayonnaise Taco Monday"
  31. "Chew Water"
  32. "Metal Rules!"
  33. "Five Iron Is Stupid"
  34. Reese doing vocal warmups (hidden track)


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