Cheesehead Hat


"Cheesehead" can refer to:

  • A nickname (sometimes used derogatorily) referring to a person from either Canada, Wisconsin or the Netherlands, referring to the large volume of cheese production in those locales.
  • The name of a brand of hat shaped like a large wedge of cheese (made out of dense foam), primarily worn by fans of the NFL team Green Bay Packers at football games, but also worn in other contexts by Packer fans and proud Wisconsinites in general.

The original display of a "cheesehead" hat was at a Milwaukee Brewers vs. Chicago White Sox game in 1987 when the Brewers started the season 13-0. It was handmade out of foam, painted yellow. Ralph Bruno, the creator of the original hat, then made popular by center-fielder Rick Manning, who saw the hat while playing. Bruno then had the idea of starting a business to sell them as novelties. The "Cheesehead" trademark is owned by Foamation, Inc. of St. Francis, Wisconsin, which began manufacture of the wearable, foam cheesehead in 1987. The company also offers a plethora of other foam products, such as: different types of hats, neck ties, pins, keychains, magnets, cup-holders, coasters, and footballs. Cheeseheads have become more commonly associated with Green Bay Packers fans (and Wisconsites in general) since mass production of the original hat began.

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