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Cheat code

A Cheat code (also called debug code or backdoor) is a code that can be entered into a computer program to alter the run-time behavior or configuration of that program.

The code may consist of an alphanumeric string entered via a keyboard, a series of pre-defined movements of a game controller, or any of various other special input sequences initiated by the user. Cheat codes are commonly associated with video games and Live CD installation media, and are sometimes undocumented or otherwise discoverable only through easter eggs.


Live CD installation

During Live CD initialization, a user typically may resort to using one or more cheat codes to change the booting behavior. These vary from distribution to distribution but can most often be accessed upon first boot screen by one of the function keys.

In contrast to the usage associated with video games, Live CD cheat codes are not typically associated with the concept of gaining unfair advantage or thwarting standard rules. Instead such codes are usually intended to simplify installation for different scenarios including unusual hardware configurations or special-use scenarios.

Video games

Cheat codes are often enabled by inputting a series of commands, such as the Konami Code, or by inputting special phrases in a menu.

While normal cheat codes are built into the game by the programmers, unofficial cheat codes can be created by manipulating the contents of the memory address for a running game. On video game consoles, this is done using a cheat cartridge. Users of some early home computers called these codes pokes, named after the command used to input them. In the case of bugs: If a serious game-stopping bug is encountered, a cheat code may be able to bypass it without the need to start the whole game over again from the beginning.

The game Micro Machines for the NES had a bug where the game would freeze if the player reversed over the start/finish line at the start of the race. This was due to a single zero being a one in the code. Discovered after thousands of games were made, Codemasters, rather than throw the cartridges away, which would have been very costly, used technology from their Game Genie cheat cartridge to rewrite the code in every game.

Often cheats spell a word, possibly comical or relating to the cheat (for example, "Start", "Left", "A", "B" would spell "Slab").Or C A Left Left A C A B (Call a cab)
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