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Magic may refer to:

In fantasy fiction:

In science and mathematics:

In games:

In popular culture:

In computing programming:

  • Magic (programming), a general term for hiding complexity, as well as a UNIX command for "magically" determining unknown filetypes
    • Deep magic, a term for completely unknown workings in the depths of a software
    • Black magic (programming), a synonym for voodoo programming, techniques which seem to work but aren't fully understood as to why they work
  • Magic number (programming), an arbitrary number that has been assigned a special meaning
  • "Magic", a version of the MUMPS programming language developed by Meditech
  • Magic (software), a popular VLSI layout tool
  • Magic Software Enterprises, a software company which maintains eDeveloper
  • ImageMagick, a suite of imaging programs
  • MAJC, a multi-core, multi-threaded processor targeted at running Java code made by Sun Microsystems in the 1990s
  • Magic (object-oriented programming), A prototype-based, object-oriented, event-driven (mainly I/O events) interpreted programming language developed at the Experimental Computing Facility, University of California, Berkeley.

Among radio stations:

  • Magic Radio, a radio network and television channel based in the United Kingdom (disambiguation for affiliates)
  • WKLI (Magic 100), a radio station in Albany, New York
  • KZMG (Magic 93.1), a radio station in Boise, Idaho
  • WMJX (Magic 106.7), a radio station in Boston, Massachusetts
  • KKMG (98.9 Magic FM), a radio station in Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • WMGC-FM (Magic 105.1), a radio station in Detroit, Michigan
  • WMGS (Magic 93), a radio station in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
  • Magic 89.9, a radio station in Manila, Philippines
  • WLTB (Magic 101.7), a radio station in Binghamton, New York
  • Magic 1278, a radio station in Melbourne, Australia
  • Magic 107.7 FM, a radio station in Orlando, Florida
  • KMAJ-FM (Majic 107.7 FM), a radio station in Topeka, Kansas
  • Magic 97.3 FM, a radio station in Panama City, Florida
  • Magic 96.5 FM, a radio station in Birmingham, Alabama
  • WMGQ Magic 98.3 FM, a radio station in New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Magic 105.7 FM, a radio station in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • WTHZ (Magic 94.1), a radio station in Greensboro, North Carolina. Another station in the area, WMAG-FM, used the handle "Magic 99.5" for a period of time in the 1980s.
  • Magic 100.5 FM, A radio station in Cumberland, Maryland.
  • Majic 102.3 FM, the #1 R&B radio station in the Washington D.C. area.
  • Magic 95.5 FM a radio station in Reno, Nevada

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