Charlton Hill

Charlton Hill

Andrew Charlton James Hill better known as Charlton Hill (born 1977) is an Australian singer and songwriter born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. His album Waterline, produced three hits: "Deep", "2's Company" and "Don't Sail".

In 1999, Hill spent a year through Europe and the United States playing in clubs and bars. He came back to Australia in 2000 and played wherever he could, then he was spotted by Sony Music's Murmur Record's label. Hill then went to the UK to record his debut album Waterline and worked with producer Ian Grimble. "2's Company" was written just prior to the album sessions and was the Hill's first single, released in Australia on June 14, 2002.

Following a hiatus between 2003-2005, Hill formed "Charlton Hill and the Citizens" with fellow long term friends, guitarist "Tim Hartwig" and bassist "Ryan Von Gennip", in conjunction with band inductee drummer "Jared Kneale". The band released Small Triumphs in Traffic on December 1 2007.



  • Waterline (2003)
  • Small Triumphs in Traffic (2007)


  • "2's Company" (2002)
  • "Deep" (2003)
  • "Don't Sail" (2003)
  • "Oblivious" (2007)


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