Charlie Gaddy

Charlie Gaddy

Charlie Gaddy (born May 24, 1931), was a Raleigh television anchorman from WRAL-TV employee who anchored the evening news for around 20 years. He has been retired since 1994.


Gaddy was born in Amarillo, Texas with His Texan Parents, in his 30's He moved to Raleigh when joined WRAL-TV, in 1970 to host Good Morning Charlie and four Years later, He joined The Action News 5 team with Bobbie Battista, Bob DeBardelaben and Rich Brenner (retired), In 1981 Battista stepped down and Gaddy became Solo until Adele Arakawa joined in 1983and Tom Suiter is the New Sports Anchor in 1982, in 1988 Gaddy reported about the North Carolina Tornado Tragedy and Adele Arakawa left for WBBM-TV at the same Day, Donna Gregory joins in Until Pam Saulsby Took her place in August 1991, Bob DeBardelaben retires in 1989 and was replaced by Greg Fishel. On July 1, 1994 Gaddy retires on WRAL-TV after 24 years. In 2006, he joined the reunion Newscast with Battista, DeBardelaben and Tom Suiter, although he can be appared on WRAListens.

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