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Diamonds (film)

For alternate meanings, see Diamond (disambiguation). For the other film, see Diamonds (1999 film).

Diamonds is a 1975 Israeli-American heist film. Robert Shaw stars in a dual role as twin brothers. Richard Roundtree, Barbara Hershey and Shelley Winters are co-stars. The film was also entitled Diamond Shaft, though it has no relation to the Shaft films other than having Roundtree in the cast.


Charles Hodgson is a British aristocrat who decides to become a thief as a way of getting at his twin brother, Earl, a security expert who has built a supposedly impregnable vault in Tel Aviv, which holds a cache of diamonds. For the caper, Charles enlists Archie, a heist expert, and Sally. He also becomes acquainted with an American woman, Zelda Shapiro, who is in Israel looking for a new husband. This movie was NOT filmed in Reno Nevada, there is another movie titled the same.


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