Charles Capps

Charles Capps

Charles Capps is a major figure Christian preacher and teacher in the Word of Faith, and has had a great influence on the movement through his books and insightful teaching of life experiences in action. He and his wife Peggy are headquartered in England, Arkansas, and shares to have been a farmer and land developer before entering full-time ministry. Much as Jesus taught through agriculture and daily life, Capps also incorporates many insights on farming, planting, harvesting, speaking to the elements.

Capps has a ministry, Concepts of Faith, and may primarily be a seminar and convention speaker, although he also has a radio program and television program. Capps often speaks on issues related to Biblical prophecy and faith and confession. He also appears on the Believers Voice of Victory Television program, hosted by Kenneth Copeland Ministries of Fort Worth, Texas.

For students of the Word of Faith movement, Capps' books are an invaluable resource. In his numerous books, Capps has come close to systematizing Word of Faith theology. Kenneth E. Hagin's books (many of which are transcribed sermons) are enhanced by personal anecdote just as the Lord Jesus Christ taught through life experiences. Capps, while using anecdote, tends to concentrate on systematic exposition of the teachings of the Word. The books tend to focus on the core of the Biblical Word of Faith by emphasis on being careful of what we say as words have power (Mark 11:22-25).

His mini-book, "God's Creative Power" organizes scriptures into prayers. It has sold over 5 million copies.


Capps is a prolific author, but his three most important books about the Word of Faith beliefs are:

  • The Tongue: A Creative Force
  • Authority in Three Worlds
  • Releasing The Ability of God Through Prayer

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