Charlemagne (comics)

Charlemagne (comics)

Charlemagne is a comic book series that was published by Defiant Comics from February of 1994 until July 1994. The series lasted for 5 issues before Defiant ceased publication. A free teaser issue, #0, was published inside Hero Illustrated #9, and not available separately.

Series overview

Charlemagne revolves around Charles Smith. When the series begins in 1973, Charles is a 12 year old boy who runs away from home after his brother Pete is reported missing in Vietnam. Charles manages to get to Vietnam, and spends months trying to locate Pete. His search takes him to a small village where Charles sees his brother being attacked by a helicopter. Pete is killed by a bomb, and Charles is also badly injured, his legs blown off in a second explosion.

Flown back to an America, Charles spends several months in a coma, where he dreams of ways to save his brother. When Charles finally wakes up, it is 1993, and Charles has somehow regrown his legs. He leaves the hospital and sets off again in search of his brother. The series ends with Charles revisiting his family 20 years after he had left home.


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