Charity rallies

Charity rally

A charity rally is a charitable event in which participants usually drive, ride or otherwise participate in through the medium of motorised wheeled transportation in an event to raise money for a charitable cause.

Fundraising Model

Fundraising models differ from event to event, however the purpose of a charity rally from the organiser's perspective is to organise an event that will generate funds or direct donations which can then be donated to charitable causes.

A pure charity rally involves participants raising money for charity, which is paid directly to the nominated charitable organisation. Controversy exists over some other forms of charity rallies, whereby organisers fund their costs, and sometimes their lifestyle, from charitable donations, while holding out their organised rally to be a charitable one. Purists consider this to be a form of charity fraud.

Aid Model

In other forms of charity rallies, teams have to compete in a motorsport event and deliver goods, services and other direct aid to the communities they visit during the rally. The world's largest charity rally, the Budapest-Bamako follows this model. Different schools of thought exist with respect to the type of aid model that a charity rally should support.

Ultimately, the choice of aid model follows the organisation's business model which, so long as funds are raised in accordance with ethical standards such as those set by the Fundraising Standards Board,will ensure that the charity rally fundraising concept will continue to grow unabated.

Examples of Charity Rallies

  • The Plymouth-Banjul Challenge is an annual car event, where participants are required to drive from England to Gambia. The lucky few who complete the route will auction their vehicles in the Gambian capital. The proceeds benefit a local charity.
  • The Budapest-Bamako is an annual Central Europe to West Africa race and tour, where participants are encouraged to bring direct aid to communities, hospitals and schools in Mali and Mauritania. In 2008 pariticpants also raised money to dig a well for a Saharan village. Outstanding individual charity work is rewarded. Each year one team receives the Mother Teresa Charity Award.
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