Charisma Pink Scroll Label

Charisma Pink Scroll Label

The Charisma Pink Scroll Label was the first label design used on LPs released by Charisma Records. In the UK, they were used from Charisma's inception in 1969 until mid-1972, with the release of Lindisfarne's Dingly Dell LP (CAS 1057). This was replaced by the large mad hatter label, designed by Paul Whitehead of Genesis sleeve design fame. In the United States, the pink scroll labels were used in late 1973 and early 1974 on releases distributed by Buddah Records. Releases distributed by Atlantic Records used the small mad hatter label. Because Charisma had many bands who were relative unknowns when they were signed, many original pressings of early UK issues of albums from Charisma bands like Genesis, Audience and Van der Graaf Generator with pink scroll labels have become quite rare and sought after by collectors. Please also note that the first pressings of these albums were also on a far superior quality of vinyl. Distributed by B&C Records.

Some people considered the heavy, thick vinyl pressings superior to those Phonogram reissued after taking over Charisma at the beginning of 1976 (with the release of Genesis' A Trick of the Tail LP), but in truth, some of those "heavy, thick vinyl" had lots of surface noise. When Genesis' "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" was first issued, it was heavily imported into the US and there were quite a number of defective pressings.

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