Chardonnay, Saône-et-Loire

Chardonnay, Saône-et-Loire

Chardonnay is the name of a French village located in the Saône-et-Loire Department in the Bourgogne.

The name is a derivative of Cardonnacum, a Latin term to denote the land of Cardus, the owner of the land surrounding this village during the end of the Roman period. It is also the definition of an area thistles. Chardonnay and its surrounding Mâconnais region are probably the cradle of the Chardonnay type of grape, and certainly the semantic origin of the grape.

In 1994 the vine co-operative of Chardonnay amalgamated with that of Lugny.


As of the census of 1999, the population was 162.
The estimation for 2007 was 169.

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