Chankast is a freeware Sega Dreamcast emulator for Microsoft Windows. It was the first released Dreamcast emulator to successfully run commercial games. The emulation speed varies depending on which system the emulator is run. The first release was on May 29, 2004. The current version, Alpha 0.25, is the last release from the team to date, and the last show of activity from Chankast Utilities. Using Chankast, commercial games can be played at a decent speed with a 2 GHz CPU. Chankast is also the first emulator to run a Sega NAOMI game.

Version history

Alpha 0.10 (first release, May 29, 2004)

  • Emulation of several commercial games

Alpha 0.2 (June 12, 2004)

Alpha 0.2a (June 12, 2004)

Alpha "WIP" (June 17, 2004)

Alpha 0.25 (July 7 2004)

  • Full screen for multiple resolutions added
  • CPU core bugs fixed
  • LCD CMU support
  • LCD VMU emulation
  • Rumble pack emulation
  • Control and CD plugin support
  • ASPI driver (Windows 2000) support
  • Command line support

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